Looking for a wide, affordable and easy way to install laminate floor? Then Vitality Jumbo is your choice! The wide plank size with four-sided micro V-groove opens up your room. With a choice of 8 decors, you will certainly find the floor that fits your taste. Vitality Jumbo gives you that little extra you were looking for.

8 MM • DIMENSIONS 1261 X 244 MM • 8 PLANKS/PACK = 2,461 M²
± 17,5 KG/PACK • 42 PACKS/PALLET • ± 800 KG/PALLET 

When you choose for Vitality Jumbo, you don't have to panic when you spilled something. The liquid won't be absorbed thanks to our unique Aqua Protect technology. On top of our residential and commercial warranties, we offer you a wet warranty of 5 years.